It’s raining babies!!! 😛

A very close friend is expecting and I cannot contain my excitement! Lets call her S, shall we? It’s a little weird that I am this excited, since I already am an aunt! but this one’s special.

S has been through a tough pregnancy before, where she lost her baby at 7 months. She was in a horrible state back then; but it hit me hard too! Reason being I was the first one to know she was expecting (after her husband and mum of course), and I saw her through the entire 7 months!

You how some husbands put on weight too while their wives are expecting? Yeah, that happened to me. S ate and if she couldn’t finish anything on her plate she’d push it very convincingly towards me; and I was taught by my granddad never to waste any food, so I’d eat it. :/

The reason for my crazy excitement is that for the first time in all of my 28 years I saw and felt a bay kick 😀 YES!! I saw it before I put my hand on her belly to feel the kick; and its weirdly magical. It amazes me how another being is formed inside of you. And so now I shamelessly stare at her belly whenever she’s around me. And as a result I always end up getting hit on the arm for staring.

She’s 10 weeks away now, and I am finally been given permission to be openly excited about it. Pray for her and the baby. Can’t wait for October now. 🙂






Would you consider yourself a bad blogger if you haven’t written on your blog in over two months? Ever since I wrote my first blog I had this rush of ideas going through my head about what to write next. Be it at work, or riding back home after work, or even as I was trying to fall asleep at night. Everything I saw or heard, I felt I could write about that! Sadly though I dint! 😦 For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to even open up my blog to stare at it!

I did realize later (after being particularly nasty to a friend), that I was going through a rough patch with a really close friend and I was scared I would write things that would be downright horrible, unforgiving and that person would never forgive me! Well I could, since they don’t even know I have a blog!! 😛  A lot of things have been done indirectly, but never said; is that weird? Is that even possible?  It built up so much over time that I may not be able to save this friendship! But here’s the question that has been poking me in my face all week; DO I WANT THIS KIND OF FRIENDSHIP?

So I had this long conversation with another friend (the same one I was being nasty to) over chai and sutta(s).  Considering that he has seen me and the friend together and knows we’ve been friends for a long time, I felt his opinion would be unbiased. Like any good friend he heard me out, without any interruptions! (you should see him stare into the distance trying to decipher my blabbering 😛 ) I spoke for a good half hour and he listened. After I was done with my monologue, he said a lot of things that made sense (weirdly enough). Firstly he said I needed to calm down (I apparently make big scary eyes and talk really fast when I’m upset). Then he went on to give me some advice, good one too. In the end, I decided that I would take his advice (a little difficult for me since I don’t really listen to what people say I should do; typical Taurean traits!!)

Well, in the end I did happen to have a face to face with the concerned friend. Only to know I was surrounded by 2 others; a pack of wolves against the poor little lamb?!?! HARDLY!!

All I can say now is that I sleep so much better at night 😉

I apologize if this post has left you yawning , but like the title suggested, I’m just #venting 😉


Happy 2016!!


It’s exactly 01:55 am on 1st January 2016!!! Happy New Year!! And Happy new blog to me!

So almost every individual I know has at least one new year resolution that they make before the new year. Get fit or a new promising job or quit smoking and drink less or find that special someone, etc.

I on the other hand usually never make any resolutions. Maybe because I know I would never be able to go through with it. But honestly, how many of us do actually keep even one of our resolutions? How many of us go through with it? My guess is not many!

This year however, breaking tradition, I have a resolution. Just one actually. My resolution is to be thankful for all that I have. For me it’s a bigger resolution than traveling more or getting a well paid job. It’s difficult to truly accept what you have been dealt with. To actually be happy and content with what u have right now at this very moment. So this year, and hopefully for all the years to come I am and will be thankful. Thankful for everything and everyone here today, all those standing by me!

Obviously I would like to mention the names of the people who have stood by me through all my madness and mood swings! (Like an acceptance speech while I receive an award! ;P )

Mom n’ Dad of course! We are at the stage where we don’t agree on everything; but I’m glad I have you two. My brother and sis in law (Aaloke and Gwen), Mel, Ray, Shivi, Ravi, Gore, Ashish, Naiesha and Sameer. These guys have been rocks that have kept me grounded when the past few years weren’t so sane! Thank you guys! And Caroline! This one got me to start blogging. Who pestered me down a sane path in life while I was idling at the wrong crossroad! You , crazy woman, have always kept me smiling even through my tears!

There are so many other people and things that I am thankful for! But this post will just get too long if I venture down that path!

That’s all for now! Happy New Year folks! Health, wealth and prosperity all around. 🙂